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The Law Office of Ryan C. Smith is located in Chattanooga Tennessee, directly off the Walnut Street walking bridge.  Our office provides personalized service tailor made to our clients needs.  We understand the typical frustrations that can arise for clients in each area of law that we practice.  That's why we have structured our practice with our clients' needs in mind.

For estate planning, we give our clients options, and have transparency in our fees.  We know that not every individual or family can afford outrageous attorney fees, and that life can be busy and complicated.  Our flat fee model, and our choice of either a traditional face-to-face meeting or a client-centric, technologically savvy virtual option make it so that no matter what your specific situation, you can make sure your estate planning needs are met. 

In family law cases, we pride ourselves on being responsive and accessible.  When you hire us, the attorney you meet is the attorney who will be handling your case.  We use our over four years of experience as a family law advocate to best serve you.  Whether you have a contested or uncontested divorce, an adoption, or a child support case, we will be there to advocate for you, answer your questions, and make you feel at ease as your case progresses.

We understand that not every client who suffers from a personal injury can afford a ridiculously high retainer fee and hourly rate.  That's why in many cases we offer the option of a contingency fee.  With a contingency fee, in the event that we don't recover anything on your case, then we will not charge an attorney fee.

Flat Fee Estate Planning

Two ways that we make estate planning simple are by: 1) providing our clients a choice of either a traditional estate planning process or a virtual, more convenient option, and 2) by providing flat fees.

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About Us

The Law Office of Ryan C. Smith is a full-service, life-cycle law firm located in the Northshore area of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Click below to find out more about us.

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Practice Areas

As a life-cycle firm, we serve clients in a wide range of legal issues.  Whether you need help planning your estate, recovering from a personal injury, navigating a divorce, or starting a business, we are here to make solving your legal problems simple.

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Flat Fee Estate Planning

Whether you are looking for a traditional estate planning process, or are technologically savvy and prefer the efficiency of using our virtual estate planning system, we are ready to serve you.  And with simplified flat fee billing, there is no better time to take action than right now.

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